Daubeney Road, Meeting

88 ideas for making the neighbourhood 10 x Greener. Help grow this list to 100+ ideas!

It’s brilliant to see the energy building around the 10 x Greener project. There’s a real buzz of excitement as people start to imagine how green the neighbourhood could become.

All the frogs trying to safely navigate their way around Daubeney Road are a good reminder of how nature is trying its best to make the most of the neighbourhood. All we have to do is give it a helping hand.

Over the last week I’ve been meeting with even more members of the community to discuss ideas for making the neighbourhood 10 x Greener. Thank you to everyone from EcoActive, Hackney Forest School, Daubeney Primary School, Daubeney Fields Forever, Landmark Heights, Clapton Park CTO as well as all the residents that have joined workshops or come to meetings so far.

At the community meeting on Saturday we started to list lots of ideas for making the community greener. So far 88 different ideas have been suggested:

  1. Rename the area Daubeney Green
  2. Wildlife board to record sightings
  3. Frog warning signs
  4. Plant tree pits on the pavements
  5. More front garden planting
  6. Advice for people on what to plant in their front gardens
  7. Support to replace concrete with green gardens
  8. Plant climbers on brick walls
  9. Volunteer to green-up other people’s gardens
  10. More planting tubs outside of gardens – designed by school kids!
  11. Connect house drain pipes to water gardens
  12. Connect house drain pipes to tubs people can collect water from
  13. Create a water team to help with the two ideas above
  14. Butterfly friendly planting
  15. Murals
  16. Restore the mural in the community garden
  17. Green house in the community garden
  18. Urban farm on the roof of Landmark Heights
  19. Replace park fencing with stacked logs you can climb over
  20. More public seating
  21. A common colour used throughout the project
  22. Giant planter in front of Daubeney Primary
  23. Community tool box
  24. Community pot exchange
  25. Community seed swaps
  26. Large habitat panels on walls
  27. Green bin stores in front gardens
  28. Create a carpenter team to help with making planters and things
  29. Provide access to a driller and skip to de-pave front gardens
  30. Green zones – can we surround the school with planting?
  31. Moss walls
  32. Moss posts
  33. Mosaics
  34. Green areas of seating. Benches amongst pots etc.
  35. Soil access for climbers. Jasmine etc. to climb fences.
  36. More bins
  37. Less rubbish
  38. Big lunch / street party
  39. Ask local businesses for things that can be used as planters (olive oil tins etc).
  40. Join up with the jumble trail
  41. More bike parking
  42. Planting around the bike planting
  43. Green roof sheds (the top of the bike sheds?)
  44. Green roof cars (!)
  45. Parklets – replace parking spaces with mini parks
  46. A green bridge to connect Daubeney to Mabley Green
  47. Signs (made by kids and artists) about the greenery
  48. Signs about dog poo (i.e. We play here! Please pick up)
  49. Use the round shed as a social point. Move to the park?
  50. Bee hives
  51. Local bee keepers network
  52. Compost heaps in garden
  53. Harvest event
  54. Buddy scheme
  55. Litter picks
  56. Proper bins
  57. Water, water.. everywhere! We need water in front gardens
  58. Remove fences between gardens
  59. Species mapping and monitoring
  60. Contribute to Chelsea Fringe
  61. Moss greened lamp posts
  62. Use recycled products
  63. Don’t use things that are attractive
  64. Use railings to grow sweet peas
  65. Stacked plantations
  66. Grow fruit and veg
  67. Linking gardens to direct neighbours
  68. Communal purchase of things like soil
  69. Link up to the canal more strongly
  70. Green the bridge
  71. Create “planting library boxes”, like the mini-library but for seeds
  72. Involve the street cleaners
  73. Get rid of the black railings around the school
  74. Things to put on cars to make them greener
  75. Signed walking routes
  76. Bird feeders on lamp posts
  77. Bird boxes
  78. Painted oil drums
  79. A giant dead hedge in the park
  80. Greening the dead and dirty area around the bridge
  81. Lots of colourful painting
  82. Lavender for smell and bees
  83. Bug palaces
  84. Green roofs
  85. Lots of climbers
  86. Plants on all balconies
  87. Extensive planting at the bollards dead space near the park entrance
  88. Sparrow terraces

Do you have any other ideas? If so, comment below or in our Facebook group and I’ll add them to the list. I’m sure we can come up with 100+ ideas!


Block 2

At the workshop we also talked about how we can organise ourselves so that we can have ideas, make plans, take action and look after what we’ve created. It was agreed that forming smaller groups for each section of the street would be the best way forward. These groups will be entirely voluntary, but will be a way create even more positive energy and to make things happen.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll provide more details about how these groups will work. It’s likely that each one will have its own Facebook group and a named contact to help with coordination. Of course, we’ll need to use other ways to communicate too (whatever the groups want) – but Facebook is a reasonable central point?

On Daubeney Road these “Green the Street Groups” will be:

  • Homerton High Street to Ashenden
  • Ashenden to Colne
  • Colne to Melbourne Court
  • Melbourne Court to River Lee Navigation

Off Daubeney Road the groups can form organically as the project grows. Already there is likely to be a group for:

  • Colne
  • Ashenden: Glyn to Boscombe Close
  • Ashenden: Boscombe Close to Adley Street
  • Roding: Colne to Ashenden
  • Roding: Ashenden to Homerton High Street

Perhaps someone can come up with a smart way to name these potential groups as the project grows?

I’ll be coming to the Play Street on Daubeney Road from 2pm this Sunday (March 18) where we’ll have a big map for sharing even more ideas and I’ll be available to answer any questions.

The project really kicks off at our first “Sprint Weekend”. Taking place next week on the 24th and 25th of March, this will be an initial burst of activity to help get things going. On the Saturday we’ll be having a Make & Take day at Daubeney Primary from 10:00-14:00. Do come down to help make some bug hotels and do some planting. I’m hoping that we’ll have a planter making workshop too. On the Sunday we’ll be getting together to make part of the community greener! Come from 12:00 with some clothes you are happy to get dirty. More details of what we’ll be doing will be posted here in coming days.

For more details and to let us know you are coming, please do visit our Facebook group here.

Finally… please don’t wait to make the community greener. If you’ve got an idea, do it and share what you’ve done in our Facebook group.

Let’s grow 10 x Greener!

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