Street Teams

Street team meeting

On Tuesday we had our first street team meeting. The purpose of the street teams is to help make Daubeney’s streets 10 x Greener and to help keep them that way.

The  conversation focussed on two questions. One exploring how the community can organise itself and another to decide how a £2,000 kick-off budget should be spent. This is a very brief summary of what was agreed.

How should teams be organised? It was decided that each street in the Daubeney area should self-organise in a flexible way. To help this, each street will form its own street team Facebook group and WhatsApp group. Not everyone is on Facebook and WhatAapp, so it will be the responsibility of the street teams to try and engage people who are no online. This could be as simple as putting up signs. It was recognised that this approach will depend on some residents on each street putting in some energy. While a street may not have a leader, it will depend on a few people taking leadership. The 10 x Greener project will need to have a named contact.

How should the street team funding be spent? There was a long conversation about how this investment could be used to both benefit the most people and have an effective and sustained impact. It was decided that quarter of the budget should be used to buy plants and planters that can be put into dead spaces for the street teams to look after. The rest of the money will be put into a training fund, so that training can be organised for members of the community. This training could be on planting, fitting water butts or anything that street teams think will be useful.

The next street team meeting will likely focus on what the first training event should be.

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