community gardener

Could you be the first #10xGreener Community Gardener?

Following our successful crowdfunding campaign, we’re getting ready to hire the first #10xGreener Community Gardener. In this update Gerry Tissier of Daubeney Fields Forever tells us why this role is important and how you can apply for the role.

Walk, or perhaps cycle, through E5 and look around! From Hackney Marshes to Chatsworth Road you’ll encounter huge expanses of concrete grey paving and row upon row of barren brick facades.

Go down the dirty High Street and notice how many dead spaces could be filled with greenery and colour. Turn into any residential street and count the number of front gardens devoid of plant life.

You soon realise that the creation of a greener neighbourhood poses a real cultural challenge. The amount of change may feel daunting.  

But you’ll also notice, here and there, the greener places. The buckets of flowers outside La Mela – the new restaurant on Marsh Hill. The St Barnabas Church garden over the wall on Brooksby’s Walk. A stunning front garden on Chatsworth Road. A small community garden. An even smaller sedum shed roof. And of course, the 10x Greener planters along Daubeney Road and neighbouring streets.

These lovely patches of vibrant green life stand out against a drab urban streetscape. They call your attention. They radiate brightness. They linger in your memory.

This Spring we came together in a burst of energy to create a more natural, green environment along Daubeney Road and neighbouring streets. We filled pots and planters with pollinator-friendly flowers to put on windowsills, hang on balconies and decorate pavements. We built habitat panels for bees and nest boxes for birds. We made giant planters out of oil drums and reclaimed timber to liven up street corners.

Some energy has been dissipated in the semi-desiccated heat of a dry summer. But with the start of a new season, the energy is beginning to flow again. This month we’re seeking a skilled gardener to work in the E5 community for one day a week over the next year. More than 100 generous supporters have raised the money to pay for a specialist to help us grow for wildlife and people.

Our postcode gardener will work with a community and residents’ forum to create a green vision for the area between Hackney Marshes and Chatsworth Road. She or he will help spread 10XGreener activities across E5, set up wildlife-friendly front gardens and public spaces, connect residents and provide advice and support.

The role is being hosted by EcoActive. To find out more or to share the role with someone you know, please visit their website.

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