Supported by Friends of the Earth, 10 x Greener is a pilot project to make our communities incredibly more green. By doing so, we hope to make streets that are better for nature, improve our health and wellbeing, tackle issues like flooding and even provide free food.

This new website will be the hub for finding out about the project and how to get involved. Stay in the loop by checking back for updates and:

10 x Greener Daubeney Road is being developed and coordinated by Daniel Raven-Ellison through Topolocus, a small company that combines education, exploration and action to rethink what places can be like. Daniel is the founder of the campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City.

The 10 x Greener Daubeney road team includes a growing number of interested residents, the Poppy Estate’s gardener John Little, Hackney Council, Daubeney Primary School, EcoActive, Daubeney Fields Forever and local community groups. In addition, the project is likely to be filmed by the BBC’s Natural History Unit to inspire others to make their homes and streets greener.

10 x Greener Daubeney Road is supported by Friends of the Earth and coordinated by Daniel, but it is a community owned project. Every resident can both contribute to it and benefit from it. If/when it is successful, the community will decide its future direction.

Contact: daniel@10xGreener.org