Have you got your hands on some of our 10 x Greener plants?

Most of what we provide is beautiful, fairly tough and great for pollinators. Whatever you’ve got, it will need watering. As a rule of thumb, if the soil is dry your plants are probably thirsty.

Most of the plants are annuals, so you’ll need to plant new ones next year.

This is a list of some of the plants that we’ve provided. Follow the links for tips on caring for them.

Nasturtium – These are really easy to grow, just make sure that you keep them watered. We’ve provided a few different varieties of nasturtium that can grow anywhere between 50cm and 150cm. Remove dead flower heads and they’ll keep flowering for longer.

Golden California poppies – These are the poppies that the Poppy Estate is famous for. We’ve chosen them to continue the beautiful theme through the neighbourhood. They do well is dry conditions, so don’t water them too much. Like nasturtium, remove dead flower heads and they’ll keep flowering for longer

Cosmos bright lights – Great for pollinators, these orange flowers can last from June to October. Pinch off dead flowers and they’ll keep flowering for longer.

Herbs – Did we give you the mix of herbs that bees with love? Follow the link for advice on growing these from Friends of the Earth. You may have got chives, thyme, marjoram and/or sage.

Pixie mix – As well as poppies, John Little on the Poppy Estate uses a mix of seeds called the “pixie mix”. We planted this into lots of the pots that we gave away during our Make & Take days. This includes a number of colourful flowers including morning glory, common candytuft, Miss Jekyll and common poppy.