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Were you lucky enough to be given a 10 x Greener succulent?

EcoActive recently visited classes at Daubeney Primary School to distribute 600 of the plants for pupils to keep, learn about and take care of. For many pupils this will be the first plant, perhaps the first living thing, that they have been asked to be responsible for.

We hope that looking after the succulent and watching it grow will help to inspire them to look after other plants in the future too.

Most succulents grow in dry places like deserts. They are used to surviving without much water, lots of light and high temperatures. Here are some top tips for caring for your succulent.

  1. Give it some good drainage – Make sure you pick a pot with holes at the bottom and put it on a saucer. You don’t want your succulent’s roots to be sitting in pot with a soggy bottom.
  2. Don’t water it too much – Succulents are used to living in dry places.  How much you water your plant will depend on what kind of succulent it is and how big it is. As a general rule, pour water on it until water flows out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. After a few days, once the soil is dry, do the same again.
  3. Provide lots of light – Put your succulent by a window or on a table that gets lots of light.

As you succulent grows you’ll need to re-pot it into a larger pot. You may also want to grow smaller versions of your plant from the one you’ve been given by “propagating” it. For advice on these things and more, visit the RHS website here.